Friday, November 13, 2009

Local IP access to home based network & Internet via HNB/HeNB

3GPP specfications has specified requirements for Local IP access via femtocell access nodes ie. 3G HNB & LTE HeNB. HNB and eHNB are Customer-premises equipments (femtocell) that connect a 3GPP UE over UTRAN and EUTRAN wireless air interface respectivly to a mobile operator’s network using a broadband IP backhaul.

This is an added advantage and driver for end users to have a femtocell in home. Users would be able to access local IP devices and Internet without going through operator's network.

As per specifications Local IP Access to the home based network provides access for a directly connected (i.e. using H(e)NB radio access) IP capable UE to other IP capable devices in the home.

Further 3GPP adds that it would be possible to access Internet using local IP network also.

Traffic for local IP access is expected to not traverse the operator’s network except H(e)NB.

A logical diagram is shown below for Local IP access

A summary of requirements set by 3GPP for HNB & HeNB to support Local IP Access are as below

  • Support of simultaneous access from a UE to both the operator’s core network and Local IP Access to the home based network/Internet
  • Support of Local IP Access to the home based network/Internet without traversing the operator’s network except H(e)NB
  • The operator or the H(e)NB Owner, within the limits set by the operator would be able to enable/disable Local IP Access to the home based network/Internet per H(e)NB.
  • It would be possible to collect and make available to the operator statistics information (e.g. regular reporting of Local IP traffic volume) for each user on the use of the Local IP Access to the home based network/ Internet.
  • Local IP access to home based network/ Internet would not compromise the security of the operator’s network.

Local IP access to home based network would also be possible through the H(e)NB E-UTRAN/UTRAN-interface as well however It will only be granted to UE with valid subscription.

For further readings 3GPP specification 22.220 can be referred.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Femtocell - News, Video & Whitepapers

LteWorld has recently added a new page with Femtocell news, videos & whitepapers. Page is available here.

A Femtocell is a device used to improve mobile network coverage in small areas. Femto cells connect locally to mobile phones and similar devices through their normal GSM, GPRS, or UMTS connections, and then route the connections over a broadband internet connection back to the mobile network, bypassing the normal cell towers.