Saturday, September 17, 2011

United Mobile Introduces Cross-platform 3G/LTE Connection Manager UConnect

United Mobile has unveiled UConnect, a cross-platform software with intuitive interfaces to discover, customize, control and connect to LTE and WiMAX networks. According to company, UConnect is already integrated with two of the worlds’ leading semiconductor company’s LTE chipsets and is seeing strong traction from several other firms as well.

UConnect is a 4G Connection Manager. It manages the UE/CPE such as a LTE dongle from an operator/carrier and makes sure that the user is connected to the right network. It also manages the IP interfaces on the host, by receiving the IP from any underlying signaling protocols and configuring the IP/IPV6 interfaces accordingly. UConnect has been designed keeping both the end user and ODM needs in mind (different compiled out flavors).

For seamless connectivity, from LTE=>3G the handoff is signaled from the underlying chipset, and from LTE->WiFi, UConnect policies will do a break-before-make.

In addition, UConnect manages multiple connections and offers strong debug support with extensive statistics which are very useful for field testing.

UConnect works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux (Kernel 2.6 and above), Mac OS X. As LTE will not be limited to laptops/desktops and will proliferate the handheld devices such as tablets/ cameras etc. UConnect also supports Android.

UConnect offers benefits to both end users or device manufacturers. The end user gets a very intuitive interface to seamlessly connect to any network of choice and also monitoring tools such as data transfer rates, bytes downloaded/ uploaded. UConnect has simple USSD interface to query / get balances on prepaid connections.

The device manufacturer will get comprehensive statistics and field testing support. As LTE networks are being deployed all over, it is exceedingly important to have very detailed handles on signal quality and strength. UConnect provides all this and more with a delayed event logging and reporting feature. Also for device manufacturers It provides an integrated CLI.

Based in Bangalore, India, United Mobile is a software product company with focus on Mobile connectivity and management solutions.