Saturday, September 19, 2009

LTE : The Global Opportunity

The UMTS Forum has came out with a report - LTE Mobile Broadband Ecosystem: the Global Opportunity. This is available for free download.

The report considers relationship in between LTE & othe mobile technologies; the new services, devices and applications which will drive LTE. Report presents a positive picture of LTE’s transformation of the global market for mobile broadband.

According to report, it is based on over 30 interviews by Ovum with operators, vendors, regulators and standards bodies, plus end user research with 550 respondents in the US, Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Spain. It considers both consumer and enterprise market segments, as well as vertical markets that will benefit from the deployment of LTE.

Report further suggests that Offering major enhancements in speed, capacity and support for new services, LTE will dominate the global market for mobile broadband over the next few years. Designed for all-IP traffic, LTE supports a flatter, more efficient network architecture that allows operators to reduce their long term capex and opex. In parallel with this, LTE allows operators to deliver a more compelling, service-rich mobile broadband user experience for consumers and business customers alike.

LTE will enhance many existing services while enabling new ones. In this new environment, non-voice mobile services – including real-time video, P2P content sharing and social networking – will be increasingly important. This evolution from a ‘traditional’ mobile ecosystem to embrace new internet-based applications, devices and content delivery mechanisms will see the emergence of a broader ecosystem than for any previous mobile technology.

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