Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3GPP and Broadband Forum Collaborate on Fixed Mobile Convergence Standards

3GPP and the Broadband Forum worked together for their first joint workshop on Fixed/Mobile Convergence (FMC). Workshop was held on February 18-19 in San Francisco. The two-day workshop was attended by 120 industry experts, who reviewed over 40 contributions focused primarily on use cases and joint requirements.

Primarily 3GPP and Broadband Forum members attended this workshop. It also included representatives from ETSI TISPAN, ATIS and other standards bodies. The diverse group came together with a shared goal; to start the process of aligning new FMC work in each organization to best address both fixed and wireless management requirements. The two days spent together allowed the group to identify the key issues at hand and the work that needs to be done. With words of appreciation and encouragement from workshop co-chairs, Stephen Hayes of 3GPP and Dave Allan of the Broadband Forum, each organization took away work items that address both near term and long term next steps for both 3GPP and the Broadband Forum.

Through liaison communications and technical contributions into each organization, joint requirements will be shared, and another workshop is envisioned for the future after a scope and gap analysis is performed by the organizations.

Workshop documents and presentations are at available at following links

§ Beyond FMC Interworking UDC for FMC

§ Proposed Use Case and Requirement based on Policy Control in FMC

§ Proposed Architecture for Policy Control in FMC

§ Seamless WLAN offload

§ 3GPP EPC Overview

§ Broadband Forum Status (Revised version)

§ 3GPP-BBF Interworking - Mobility-Roaming-Nomadism (See Workshop docs for various revisions of this document – Last version)

§ 3GPP-BBF Interworking - Authentication/Authorization/Accounting

§ 3GPP-BBF Interworking Policy & QoS

§ High level analysis of Interworking between fixed NW access and 3GPP domain

§ ATIS’ Organizational Efforts on FMC

§ ATIS Exploratory Group on Convergence (EGC) Report & Recommendations

§ 3GPP-BBF Interworking - Use Cases for Public and Enterprise Wireline Interworking

§ 3GPP-BBF Interworking - S9 Interface: Requirements and Protocol Selection Criteria

§ 3GPP-BBF Interworking - Proposal for PCRF Based BPCF

§ Media and Codec policies architecture with converged Next Generation Networks

§ Focus on working procedures for the policy control aspect of FMC

§ PCRF-BPCF Functional Split and Information Exchange

§ View on FMC – Policy Control

§ ETSI TISPANPolicy Management Overview

§ 3GPP Work Item Description - Support for BBF Accesses Interworking

§ WT-203 - Interworking between next Generation Fixed and 3gpp wireless access

§ Fixed Mobile Interworking - QoS Control via S9

§ Policy Interworking – How to setup QoS for a 3GPP UE in a BBF domain

§ Fixed Mobile Interworking - Establishing the s9 Session

§ Connectivity and Mobility Considerations

§ Authenticaton Conundrum

§ TISPAN Policy Management Overview

§ 3GPP-BBF Architecture - Mobility aspects

§ Change Request to 3GPP Technical Specification 22.278 - Addition of operational Requirements for Fixed Mobile Convergence

§ Key Workshop findings

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