Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Give Way to an LTE Event Blitz This Fall

While summer is normally a time when people take vacations and major industry announcements are in a lull, we continue to have our plates full researching the rapid pace of technology, product, merger and acquisition activity, and major deployments that proceed at a rapid pace. If there is a second dip recession, it provides little opportunity for the industry to take a breather.

Momentum has accelerated and expectations firmed on a few notable fronts:

Both 3GPP and IEEE have moved rapidly to develop and submit standards according to the requirements of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for IMT-Advanced, with strong reliance on advanced wireless architecture methods using increasingly higher order MIMO to achieve needed levels of bandwidth performance while reducing costs of deployment.

The dramatic growth in use and traffic stimulated by Apple iPhone and Android WebPhones, including Sprint/Clearwire’s HTC EVO 4G, and a growing number of WRAN to WiFi mobile HotSpot router devices, has prepared the stage for entry of the first LTE mobile devices.

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