Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3GPP Technology Approaches for Maximizing Fragmented Spectrum Allocations

In a recently published white paper 3G Americas has offered key recommendations for utilizing non-standard spectrum bands to accommodate the growing bandwidth demands of consumers.

Whitepaper provides a overview of global spectrum allocations for 3GPP based technologies and illustrates some of the key challenges for optimal spectrum utilization when allocations differ either on a country- or region-specific basis.

While covering widely held tenets considered fundamental for sound spectrum policy it discusses current approaches to addressing fragmented spectrum challenges.

In concluding remarks 3G Americas states that that there is a significant impact of fragmented spectrum allocations on the cost and performance of mobile devices. These impacts hold true in virtually every corner of the globe.

Regulators have an important and challenging role in obtaining addition spectrum and bringing it to market to meet the demands of consumers.

3G Americas offered regulators to consider following while working on obtaining addition spectrum:

1. Spectrum should be harmonized and coordinated to the maximum extent feasible;
2. New spectrum should facilitate access by new technologies of all stripes;
3. At the same time, appropriate protections should be established for incumbent and/or adjacent service providers to protect against interference;
4. Spectrum policy should foster as far as possible the efficient use of spectrum; and
5. The rules covering the allocation, auction and deployment of spectrum should be predictable and transparent, prior to auctions.

For further reading download whitepaper.

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