Friday, August 7, 2009

3GPP Extended UMTS/LTE 800 Technical Report

3GPP has recently published a technical report of the Extended UMTS/LTE 800 which provides UTRA and E-UTRA specification support for FDD in the Extended 800 MHz band in Japan.

As a frequency re-arrangement plan in 800MHz band of Japan before and beyond year of 2012, the lower part of the band (UL:815 - 830 MHz / DL:860 - 875 MHz) was allocated to cdma2000 and the upper part of the band (UL:830 - 845 MHz / DL:875 - 890 MHz) was allocated to UMTS. To take it into account the latest frequency arrangement above 3GGP has proposed to introduce a new frequency band for UMTS.

3GPP Technical Report indicates that there is high possibility that not only UMTS but also LTE would be introduced in Japan in the band near future in order to enhance frequency efficiency. To accommodate it corresponding necessary work to introduce new bands for LTE is proposed by 3GPP.

The tasks included in proposed work item are to study of Extended UMTS/LTE 800 for a potential deployment in Japan, generate a new technical report based on study results and
study signalling issues related to Extended UMTS/LTE 800.

The specific bands studied by 3GPPare:

Band 18 for LTE:
  • 815 - 830 MHz: UL
  • 860 - 875 MHz: DL
Band XIX for UMTS/ Band 19 for LTE:
  • 830 - 845 MHz: UL
  • 875 - 890 MHz: DL

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